Starting a Startup

  It’s funny how sometimes you can fail to do an obvious thing that anyone else from the outside could see. WELL, for the last 8 weeks I have been working on a podcast about startups and I never let you know about it (HOW RUDE). Well here it is. If you want to subscribe […]

A Shocking Discovery

The young man was only 27 and he was shocked, but he was used to being shocked. The world Stanley grew up in was not a world that made sense. The stock market had crashed just a few years before he was born and Stanley grew up in in New York City. If you were […]

Finding Success and Significance

My friend, fellow podcaster and former Guest on this show Brian Mininger¬†introduced me to Aaron Walker and his work. Aaron is a skilled and sincere business man who has been successful in many areas of business. In 2001 Aaron had a tragic accident where he realized that business success was not the whole picture for […]

Audit the Brain of Your Customer

My friend, fellow podcaster and former Guest on this show Jeffery Shaw from the Creative Warriors podcast reached out to me and told me that I needed to get Sean D’Souza on my show because of his unique take on sales and copywriting. Sean does not disappoint. Sean’s Link on overcoming resistance THANKS FOR LISTENING! […]