Contact Bryan Orr

Picasso is a big fan

Picasso is a big fan

Some reasons you may want to contact Bryan:

  1. Ask him how much it costs to replace an A/C compressor
  2. Talk about raising 9 kids
  3. Discuss podcasting (hopefully giving him money for something podcast related)
  4. Learn about how you can transform your business by using story
  5. Ask him why his website is so confusing
  6. You are here accidentally and you actually wanted to contact Kimanzi Constable … Understandable


I prefer telegraph and / or smoke signals for contact. The best way to do it is to send me an encrypted message by telegraph and then send the key phrase via smoke signal.

If you do need to contact me another way you first need to slay Trogdor the Burninator. Unfortunately, that is impossible.

Ok, so just leave me a voicemail below or fill out the form below and I will hop to like a hare with a hemorrhoid.

You could also setup an appointment with me using this super cool calendar.