How to Captivate a Room (and Your Customers)



One of the most terrifying things (other than giant spiders with mangled teeth) is speaking in front of a room or even just speaking confidently about anything. Tracy Goodwin helps me regain my confidence and teaches me a few great tips to keep from dying of stage fright.

Tracy Goodwin, owner of Captivate the Room, started speaking and winning awards at the age of 12. She later went on to become a professional actor for many years after receiving a BFA in Directing. In addition to her BFA, Tracy holds an MA in Child Drama and an MA in Corporate Communications. Tracy is a true expert in voice technique, presentation and storytelling skills and has been for over 20 years. People all over the world seek her out for her expertise. But, she really loves building massive confidence in people, helping them get grounded in and find their core message, giving them the courage to share it and of course, the technique necessary to speak it beautifully. Her voice training is game changing for actors, speakers, podcasters of all ages. Tracy’s core teaching concept is all about building confidence, learning to be vulnerable through voice technique, and of course, captivating the room every time, no matter the venue, the audience size or the message.


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