How to Keep Your Business From Looking Amateur w/ Prescott Perez-Fox


There is nothing so yucky as learning about bad design the hard way. Unfortunately, most small businesses get to experience the logo drawn by their cousin Pamela in art class. It is my great pleasure to talk to the marvelous Prescott Perez-Fox:

An award-winning designer, Prescott grew up in New Jersey and has been influenced by everything from Calculus to comic books. A self-styled renaissance man, he has embraced the order-and-chaos philosophy and enjoys combining seemingly unrelated subjects in day-to-day life. His last name is the result of Puerto Rican and Jewish roots.

Over the years, he has worked in-house and at agencies in Philadelphia, New York, London, and a few places in between. Following a varied experience in print design, identity, and web design, Prescott now focuses on brand identity, packaging, and communication design. His design sense is influenced heavily by his left-brain, making use of the patterns and shapes from his science-and-math background.

Prescott graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia before heading to Britain for further study at the University College for the Creative Arts (formerly the Surrey Institute of Art & Design).

Prescott shares some of his very practical tips on implementing great design in your business.

You can connect with Prescott further:

On Twitter, and on his website for the Busy Creator Podcast

You can also see some of his work on Behance


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