Who is Bryan Orr?

Bryan James Orr

Myself and a child I Rented

The First Person Version

Bryan Orr is the Co-Owner of Kalos Services Inc. an Orlando area HVAC contracting business as well as an audio nerd and podcaster (Host of the Podcast Movement Sessions Podcast) . Bryan is the Father of 8 children and husband of a Jedi Princess. In his spare time Bryan doesn’t have spare time. For a short boring version skip to the bottom.

Apparently there are many humans who share my name. I know this because I went on the Google and typed in “Bryan Orr” , I was shocked! not only were some of these people not me, but many of them don’t even look like me. The saddest part of all is that most of them look better than me. I fired up the Gmail and sent some of them an offer to swap my brain with their bodies, to date, I have received nothing other than letters with three last names and something called a “restraining order”.

I am a person who started out as a child. I was not really a very normal child, other than that I liked cereal. I liked cereal until I met a family who called oatmeal “hot cereal” which is  one of the saddest moments of my young life.  I realized the inherent subjectivity of language standing in my kitchen at the age of 7 with a conflict on my hands, staring into a mushy abyss of “hot cereal”, but let’s stay focused here, this is about you not me…

Actually it is about me, I knew it felt boring for a reason.

I am blessed to have grown up in a home where my parents loved me and showed me that they cared about what was best for me in a thousand different ways. I still stole strawberry icing from the cupboard, one finger full at a time. I wonder if my Mom ever noticed? I wonder why we had strawberry icing in the cupboard anyway? doesn’t that stuff ever spoil? I should do a podcast on that… FOCUS

I found the girl I knew I wanted to spend my life with when I was 15, I spent the next 3 years convincing her mother that an 18 year old could actually be a good a husband. Oh yeah, and when I was 16 I graduated high school and went into tech school for HVAC. (yawn I know)

Fast forward, got a job as the training manager for the largest HVAC contractor in the South-East. Fast forward again, started a company with my Father and Uncle (snore…… wake up it’s almost over)

I like ideas, I like implementing ideas, I like seeing execution, although that can be taken the wrong way. I once said that I liked execution and I was lead down a long set of slimy stairs into a dungeon to meet with a guy wearing an ill fitting leather hood. That wasn’t what I was expecting, nor  was it the kind of execution I like to see.

Podcasting has been my expression of art over the last few years when business became overwhelming. However a funny thing happened, along the way podcasting taught me how to communicate differently and because of it my business has been exploding and people are actually reading stuff on my website and connecting with me.

Oh yeah, and I have a lot of delightful, noisy, climbing, drooling children, although not necessarily in that order.

Yes, they are all with the Woman who I knew I wanted to spend my life with when I was 15. She is great, she is better than great, she is great-a-rific!

The boring version

Bryan is a Co-founder, owner and CEP (Chief envelope pusher) at Kalos Services Inc. an award winning service business near Orlando, Florida (I went third person on you there)

I care a lot about the things I care about and I skim read everything else.

I thought I cared about marketing, I learned that I cared a lot more about connecting to people through story that I did about getting them to buy things by using click bait.

Then I found podcasting, radio, audio and noise and I was really hooked. I have now produced over 100 podcasts and independant audio stories and I learned something. There is a better way to make connections with people. Do you want to know what it is? You already know, you just need practice.

I now work with a select few people to support them in communicating in their everyday interactions using powerful tools. Care to be one of those people?